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Welcome to Disclosure Services

Helping you get Criminal Record checks since 2002

Disclosure Services provides online Basic, Standard and Enhanced Criminal Record checks (formerly CRB checks), one-click Route Two background checking and PVG scheme membership for Scotland.  This is achieved via a suite of tools enabling fast, accurate applications, real-time application tracking, easy reporting and more. Our friendly, experienced team support clients throughout the criminal record process.

Our broad range of clients represent all areas of service, commerce, and industry in private, public, charitable and not-for-profit organisations. Our primary goal is to support our clients with timely, accurate information and the expert personal service we provide to assist in fulfilling your regulatory and compliance requirements.

We provide On-line Criminal Record checks via the Disclosure & Barring Service (formerly CRB) e-Bulk e-application process or via the  paper application route.

Latest news…

Collection: Migration transparency data


Updated: Updated migration transparency data collection.

These documents include performance data related to areas in the Home Office business plan, which lists the key input and impact indicators relating to borders and immigration and HM Passport Office. Input indicators show the full costs of these activities. Impact indicators measure the extent to which policies and activities are having the intended effect.

These documents also include data on borders and immigration activity which has been regularly requested from the Home Office by the Home Affairs Select Committee. Following data quality issues found during the preparation and production of Transaction Explorer data for the latest quarter, the Home Office has suspended the publication of Transaction Explorer data to carry out a thorough review of all the data sets. As well as thoroughly reviewing the latest quarters data, we are reviewing Historical Transaction Explorer data which should be viewed with caution. Once this review is completed we intend to publish any revisions to data as part of later publications.

Data relating to Settlement applications on hold pending the results of a judicial review has been removed from the May 2016 publication for UK Visas and Immigration International Operations data as the work on these applications has been completed.

General statistics on immigration are in the Migration statistics collection.

Official Statistics: DBS checks: police performance summary


Updated: Added 60 day figures for February and available data for March 2016.

You can use online tracking to check the progress of your DBS application.

If you have any further queries you can contact us.

Police performance

If you have applied for an enhanced DBS check, we are required to ask the police if they have any relevant locally held information about you which they reasonably believe to be relevant, and should therefore be disclosed as part of the DBS check.

The performance of each police force contacted can impact on our ability to meet our performance targets.

The performance service standards between the DBS and each police force are:

  • 85% of checks must be completed in 14 days
  • 90% of checks must be completed in 18 days*
  • 95% of checks must be completed in 25 days
  • 100% of checks must be completed in 60 days

*Failure to achieve this target may affect our ability to meet our public service standard target for enhanced DBS checks.

Please note: An enhanced criminal record check may be sent to any number of police forces, not just those with responsibility for policing the area where the applicant lives, to carry out searches of locally held information.

Factors affecting police performance

Past police performance is not indicative of current or future performance. Performance can vary month-by-month as a result of any combination of the following factors:

  • demand - fluctuations in demand for DBS checks, over and above anticipated volumes (police are staffed and resourced according to forecast application intake volumes)
  • staffing - local recruitment and retention issues
  • systems/process - system changes, additions, upgrades and associated changes to processes and practices (including those that arise from changes in legislation and from government directives)

The police performance against these service standards is published on a monthly basis.

Use the tabs along the bottom of the document to view monthly statistics.

Official Statistics: DBS dataset 5: police disclosure unit performance


Updated: Added new data for March 2016.

The latest dataset for 2015 to 2016 details:

Police performance in relation to DBS check applications each month for financial year 2015-16. It shows each police units Red, Amber and Green (RAG) status and the associated calculation used to monitor performance against monthly service level agreement targets. Specifically this includes:

  • each police units RAG status (with descriptor)
  • percentage of cases closed in 14 days (against target of 85% or more) and 18 days (against target of 90% or more)
  • number of days to clear workload (target 4-week average of 12 days work or less)
  • percentage of each police units work in progress (WIP) that is between 26-44 days old
  • percentage of each police units work in progress (WIP) that is 45-60 days old
  • percentage of each police units work in progress (WIP) that is over 61 days old

We also publish a summary of our police performance each month. This includes cases closed in 25 and 60 days.

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