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Kiwi woman jailed for pretending to be a doctor

Lady jailed in the UK after she was found to have provided fake qualifications to work as a doctor for more than two decades.

A New Zealand woman has been jailed in the UK after she was found to have provided fake qualifications to work as a doctor for more than two decades.

Zholia Alemi was last month jailed for five years after eventually being found out when she was convicted of trying to fake the will of an elderly female patient.

Had she been successful, she would have stolen up to £1.3 million ($2.4m) of the woman’s fortune.

The New Zealander’s two-decade deception has sparked urgent checks in Britain – with 3000 foreign doctors to have their credentials investigated.

Alemi, 56, claimed to have a degree from the University of Auckland when she came to work in the UK in 1992.
In reality, the convicted fraudster had flunked her first year and dropped out.

But nobody at the General Medical Council, the watchdog responsible for vetting the background of medics, checked whether her documentation was genuine.

Alemi, 56, is said to have provided a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery certificate from the university when she arrived in the UK in the early 1990s.

A spokeswoman for the university told the Herald Alemi was awarded a Bachelor of Human Biology on May 5, 1992.

She also started a medical degree – but did not complete it, the university said.

At that time, doctors from certain Commonwealth countries could be cleared to start work simply by presenting their qualifications, without sitting any assessments.

Alemi held a degree in human biology.

For the next 22 years, starting in 1995, she worked as a psychiatrist for the UK’s National Health Service – treating thousands of mental health patients over that period and potentially earning up to £100,000 ($188,000) a year.

In a since-deleted profile, Alemi says of herself: “I am a retired psychiatrist and a member of the London Royal College of Psychiatrists with a special interest in developmental conditions such as Asperger’s …”

Chief executive for the council, Charlie Massey, said staff immediately brought the situation to the attention of police and other agencies – including health authorities – when they discovered Alemi’s fraudulent qualification.

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