Criminal Record Checks for Employers

Which Criminal Record Check do I need?

One of the easiest ways to find out what check is right for your staff is to check against the sector you work in and the role they perform.

The different levels of criminal record check

Compare DBS checks

Disclosed records EnhancedStandardBasic
Cautions YesYesNo
Consideration Status YesNoNo
Other Relevant Information YesNoNo
Prescribed Court Orders & Sex Offenders Notification Requirements NoNoNo
Sex Offenders Notification Requirements YesYesNo
Spent convictions YesYesNo
Suitability Information NoNoNo
Unspent convictions YesYesYes

What determines what check I need to apply for?

There is no eligibility requirement for a basic check. However, if you are considering asking a person to apply for a standard or enhanced check as an employer you are legally responsible for making sure the job role is eligible.

Standard level checks are only available to certain roles in the law or healthcare sector.

Employers can apply for Enhanced Checks for staff working with children or vulnerable groups. Roles involving regular contact in specified settings are entitled to an enhanced check.

Am I entitled to being checked on the Barred lists?

Applicants may also be entitled to be checked for the adults or children’s barred list depending on if they carry out regulated activity.

For working with children they have to meet the frequency of once a week or more.

4 or more days in a 30-day period or have overnight contact between the hours of 2 am – 6 am and have face to face contact.

Got a question?

Here are some of the most common questions that we hear about criminal record checking for employees.