We support and advise the full range of private and public sector healthcare organisations, large and small, including Hospitals, Health Centres/Clinics, GP Surgeries, Pharmacies, Dentists, Psychiatric and Psychological Therapists.

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Find Criminal Record Checks for Healthcare employees

Healthcare businesses and organisations have a duty of care to ensure vulnerable groups are protected. Criminal record checks help these organisations make more informed recruitment decisions about candidates.

  • Hospitals

    There are a broad range of roles within the hospital sector and these are generally standard or enhanced with some roles being entitled to being checked on the barred lists.

    • Enhanced DBS Check

      • Healthcare Assistant
      • Hospital Radiographers
      • Hospital Pharmacist
      • Hospital Feeding Assistant
      • Hospital Patient Porter
      • Associate Hospital Manager
      • Hospital Phlebotomist
      • Occupational Therapist
      • Registered Nurse
      • Surgeon
      • Doctor
    • Standard DBS Check

      • Hospital Administrator
      • Hospital Reception
      • Hospital Kitchen Assistant
      • Hospital Radio
      • Hospital Contractor
      • Hospital Porter
      • Hospital Estates Officer
      • Hospital Domestic Cleaner
      • Hospital Ward Clerk
      • Hospital Ward Hostess
  • Pharmacies

    Pharmacies have roles across all levels of checks.

  • GP Practice

    Generally, most staff members within a GP Practice will require an Enhanced DBS check with some roles being entitled to be checked on the barred lists. Administrative staff would normally require a Standard DBS check.

    • Enhanced DBS Check

      • Pharmacy Technician
      • Pharmacist
      • Phlebotomist
      • Registered Nurse
      • GP Practitioner
      • Doctor
      • GP Practice Manager
    • Standard DBS Check

      • Prescription Clerk
      • GP Chaperone
      • GP Receptionist
      • GP Cleaner
    • Basic Check

      • Pharmacy Delivery Driver
  • Dental Practices

    Dental Practice staff will require Standard and Enhanced level checks with some roles being entitled to being checked on the barred lists.

    • Enhanced DBS Check

      • Orthodontist
      • Dental Hygienist
      • Dental Nurse
      • Dentist
      • Dental Practice Manager
    • Standard DBS Check

      • Domestic In Dentist
      • Dental Receptionist

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