Six reasons why you should do a DBS Check online

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If you’re an organisation that is looking to recruit new staff or renew applications for your staff, it’s possible that you are still using paper applications and sending them by post.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this method and it’s certainly still a viable option for many organisations, applying for a DBS Check online offers many advantages over the paper route and can actually save you time, money and stress.

Our clients have been using our e-Bulk system for over 15 years, many of them made the switch from paper applications and never looked back.

We’ve outlined six reasons why we think you should be completing your DBS checks online:


1. Improved Accuracy

As you’ll know if you’ve ever previously submitted applications that have errors, these can significantly delay the time it takes for the application to be completed. If you’re completing a paper application, you’ll send this via post and if there is an error, it will be sent back via post for you to rectify and there could be a huge period of back and forth before the application is accepted.

With an online system such as ours, there is a huge amount of validation that is built into the system to prevent mistakes from being made in the first place. Even if the application still has errors, these can be rejected and rectified within a matter of minutes rather than days.


2. Quicker Turnaround

The majority of all online applications that are sent to the DBS electronically complete, on average, within 5 working days. Depending on the postal method for your application, this can sometimes be how long a paper application can take to reach the DBS! This is before it has even been reviewed…

We aim to process every application that is sent to us electronically the very same day with some applications being sent to the DBS and completing just minutes after the client had sent it to us. With paper applications, this process is likely to take weeks rather than minutes, hours or days.


3. Reduced Cost

Here at Disclosure Services, we don’t believe in charging new clients to sign up with us. There are no minimum volumes or hidden fees and should you need to call us for support, we won’t charge you a premium rate for our service. You will only pay the DBS certificate fee and our Admin Fee for each application.

Every paper application will require an envelope and you’ll have to pay for postage, sometimes several times if an application contains errors. If you’re submitting thousands of applications each year, you will quickly be able to see why completing your applications online becomes a much more cost-effective solution.


4. Simple Tracking

If you are posting your application, it’s likely that you will utilise Royal Mail’s tracking service to allow you to know when the application has reached the DBS. Aside from knowing it has reached them safely, tracking the status of the application will have to be done via phone or e-mail and this applies to each and every application that you wish to track.

Submitting your DBS check electronically allows you to track the application at any stage online and will give you detailed information such as the stage that the application is up to and how long it has been at each stage.


5. More Secure

With personal data being an incredibly important consideration to organisations, it’s clear to see why people opt to utilise a secure, online portal rather than sending personal information through the post.

Our system is designed and independently audited to ISO 27001 standards meaning that your information is completely secure at all times and as a GDPR compliant organisation, there are no issues with retention of confidential information. Even when your data is ‘in flight’ to the DBS, it is fully encrypted and our systems are incredibly robust and protect your data from outside threats.


6. Less Stress

As you’ll see from the points outlined above, the ability to quickly amend errors, the speed of turnaround, the reduced cost, the security of the information and the ability to track applications online means that it will not only save you a significant amount of time but is also likely to be significantly cheaper in the long run.

With your business saving time and money and being able to keep applicants up-to-date at all times, your staff will have reduced stress levels and reap the rewards of an online system almost instantly.

So if you’re still filling in paper applications and pulling your hair out in the process, talk to us today about getting set up online and we guarantee to give you as much assistance as you need to make it work for your organisation.

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